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Product Description

This product is a stable liquid which has been formulated to clean dirty, hydrocarbon and sulfide soils from the limestone, unpolished marble and precast concrete. It does not contain any ingredient which will stain limestone. The specifically selected wetting agents permit wetting out the soil without dragging the broken soil into the pores of the stone. In addition to removing surface soil it is important to "open up the pores" of any stone to permit it to "breathe" and prevent the facing or surface from self degeneration. This product will not destroy or damage the stone facing. After cleaning, the stone is returned to its natural appearance and will also have a smooth feel almost identical to the profile of the stone when it was first quarried. Interestingly, fossils, deposited millions of years ago, when the original sediment was being pressed are clearly observed. Soil build-ups, over a period of time will hide these beautifully interesting fossils and sandblasting so mars and stipples the stone facing that the fossils are no longer observable. Also, the rough texture imparted by hydro silica blasting provides a surface which re-soils faster than a smooth surface.

How To Use Product

When cleaning limestone, the stone should first be pre-rinsed with high pressure water (minimum 1500 PSI--5 GPM) followed by the application of HYDROCLEAN'S HT-907 LIMESTONE and MARBLE CLEANER & BRIGHTENER. The procedure of pre-rinsing limestone is very important and should not by by-passed. Skipping this important step will result in ...
A. inconsistent results
B. excessive use of product

It is usually not necessary to pre-rinse precast concrete. On very dirty limestone precleaning may be required to remove heavy black deposits prior to using the brightener. This can be accomplished with either HYDROCLEAN'S HT-704 LIMESTONE & MARBLE PRECLEANER or for exceptionally black limestone, HYDROCLEAN-S HT-704X HEAVY DUTY LIMESTONE & MARBLE PRECLEANER.

The usual procedure for cleaning limestone is to start from the bottom of the building. As the scaffold proceeds from the bottom, the men pre-rinse with high pressure water making certain that the entire surface is contacted with the high pressure water. In the case of very dirty limestone, where precleaning is required, pre-rinsing is eliminated and replaced by the application of the regular or heavy duty precleaner. The precleaning is accomplished by applying the product as the staging travels up the face of the building. Aluminum trim and most paints are sensitive to both the standard or the heavy duty precleaner and therefore care must be exercised to keep these products off painted or aluminum trim surfaces. When the scaffold reaches the top and starts working down, one man applies HYDROCLEAN'S HT-907 LIMESTONE and MARBLE CLEANER & BRIGHTENER by spray, brush, or roller and the other rinses it off after two or three minutes with high pressure water. It is most important to remove the precleaner with high pressure water before applying HT-907.

In cleaning exterior marble or new precast concrete, start at the bottom of any natural break in the structure and apply the cleaner with spray, brush or roller. After a dwell time of two or three minutes, rinse with a high pressure spray (minimum 1000 PSI--3 GPM]. If the cleaner is allowed to remain on limestone, marble or concrete until it dries, a white film will appear on the surface. This is perfectly normal. The film can be readily removed by concentrating the high pressure water spray on it. in the case of interior stone, rubbing with a soft brush will remove it. For cleaning interior marble HYDROCLEAN'S HT-907 LIMESTONE and MARBLE CLEANER & BRIGHTENER may be applied with brush, sponge or roller. After a dwell time of about two minutes, rinse with sponge and water or a high pressure, low volume water rinse. Change the rinse water in the bucket frequently to insure adequate rinsing and cleaning.


Although this product will not damage glass, paint, aluminum or plants, normal safety precautions should be taken to prevent the effluent or the product from being sprayed on vehicles or persons near the work site. When using only water, care must be exercised not to overspray on pedestrians or vehicles.


HYDROCLEAN'S HT-907 LIMESTONE and MARBLE CLEANER & BRIGHTENER is an industrial strength cleaner and therefore the use of rubber gloves and safety glasses is mandatory. If the product should contact the eyes, flush with water followed by a mild eye rinse containing Sodium Bicarbonate. If the product does contact the skin, flushing with water will remove it.


This product is completely biodegradable. The effluent, if washed into the soil, will breakdown rapidly. If this product is inadvertently sprayed on bushes, trees, lawns or plants it should be rinsed off. Rinsing with water will prevent permanent damage.
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