Hydroclean Employment Opportunities
We are looking to expand our distribution network with additional representatives and distributors throughout the United States and Canada. Our philosophy is to offer areas of exclusivity to both reps and distributors to stock and market the Hydroclean line of restoration cleaning systems. Ideally, the rep/distributor should already be actively involved in the masonry/restoration markets and be willing to train at least one outside person who would be knowledgeable in the concepts of high pressure water and chemical cleaning and the use of the Hydroclean product line. This person would have to be able to service both architects and contractors by performing field cleaning samples on the various types of building substrates. Another requirement would be for the individual or company to have access to their local architectural firms in order to get Hydroclean specified as an source of cleaning materials.

Hydroclean has been manufacturing products for the cleaning/restoration markets since 1981 and has a complete line of products that are actively being used in the restoration industry, the industrial cleaning industry and in the environmental cleaning markets. As outlined in the Hydroclean philosophy, all of our products have been developed and tested in the field by our own contracting firms and other selected contractors prior to being released for sale. When used as directed, our products work as advertised and will provide safe, economical cleaning results.

Although most of our products are formulated for the professional cleaner, we do have plans in the year 2006 to venture into the retail markets with some select products.

Please review our entire web site to determine for yourself the range and history of the Hydroclean product line, and if you have an interest in representing us in your area, email me or give me a call at 1-800-278-7681.

Thomas H. Rudder
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