The White House, Washington, D.C.
Northeast Elevation

The Aquia Creek sandstone walls of the main mansion were stripped, one elevation at a time, of 30 to 50 coats of paint. Our HT-350 Epoxy & Urethane Paint Remover, our HT-300 Solvent Paint Remover and our HT-716 Heavy Duty Paint Remover were used for the project. The individual removers were selected based on field testing to determine which type of chemistry worked best on the era of paint we were removing at the time. The building was first painted in 1798, so in effect we were removing coatings that represented the entire history of the American paint industry.

After all of the paint was removed from each elevation, the stone was neutralized using Hydroclean's HT-907 Limestone & Marble Cleaner & Brightener, a mild acidic afterwash. The walls were then left to dry for three months before new paint was applied.

Contractor: Ramco Technologies, Inc. Hartford, CT
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