The Hydroclean Philosophy
We have been in the specialty cleaning business as contractors for over forty years. A major problem that we have always encountered was how to find anyone who knew what they were talking about when it came to cleaning chemicals. Then, as now, there are too many catalog salesmen who sell products that have been formulated by lab technicians within a sterile laboratory environment. Out of necessity we had to develop a product line of our own that was practical, reliable and consistent in the field. It took many years, but we are so confident in our chemicals that we can offer them to other contractors under the HYDROCLEAN label.

All of the HYDROCLEAN systems go through an extensive field testing program by our own contracting firm and other selected contractors. As businessmen, we have a very practical approach to cleaning chemicals. Either they work and can make us money or they can not. The end result is a successful product line that has been conceived, formulated and refined by contractors for contractors.

Our building restoration products evolved first in Europe's well developed building cleaning industry where they were used for many years by major restoration contractors. HYDROCHEMICAL TECHNIQUES acquired the formulas many years ago and refined them to combat the contaminants found on American buildings. The results are formulas that have proven themselves for over thirty years on such notable projects as The Liver building in Liverpool, The Natural History building in London, Saint Pancras Station in London and Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, Scotland. In this country our products have cleaned the interior of the U. S. Capitol, the exterior of the White House, the Cooper Hewitt Museum, Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and the Connecticut State Capitol.

Every HYDROCLEAN product is a blend of various constituents, each of which is designed to perform a certain task. The philosophy is to create cleaners that are just strong enough to emulsify the particular contaminants being attacked. After a predetermined dwell time the reaction between the product and the contaminant is complete. This safety measure eliminates any chance of a continuing reaction that can damage the surface being cleaned. Our rinsing cycle mates specific high pressure water and volume combinations that flush deep into the pores of the substrate and remove all traces of the effluent. The rinse cycle serves only as a flush and by design will not harm the substrate being cleaned or any adjacent sound paint or mortar.

There are four basic reasons for cleaning a building:
1. Aesthetics
2. To expose the substrate for evaluation and repair.
3. To remove damaging sulfur and nitrogen oxides.
4. To open the building's pores and thus allow the normal transpiration of moisture.

A properly cleaned building should have a natural color and hue with no evidence of streaking or bleaching. The pores of the substrate must be left free of any residual acidity or alkalinity that could cause the formation of damaging soluble salts. Every building has its own signature and when properly displayed, showcases the original architect's design and intent.

The HYDROCLEAN philosophy is to provide owners/architects and restoration contractors proven high pressure water and chemical cleaning technology that will give consistent results and will be safe, biodegradable and cost-effective. We are in constant touch with the latest "State of the Art" developments in Europe and the United States and I believe are offering the finest restoration products available today at competitive prices.

Thomas H. Rudder
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